Tub & Tile Resurfacing

Think you need a new tub or shower? Maybe not! With tub and shower reglazing, you can save money and get fast results.

Professional and Affordable Tub & Shower Resurfacing in Memphis, TN

Quality Tub & Shower Resurfacing

Remember your bathtub when it was first installed? How it gleamed and sparkled after every shower or bath?

Your bathtub and shower started off looking beautiful, but years of wear and tear have taken their toll. There’s a solution for your problem! Tub and shower reglazing can revitalize your shower or tub for a fraction of the cost of tub and shower replacement.

Is your tub or shower tile discolored, stained, or cracked? No problem! Garza Bros Home Improvement can help! Our shower and tub reglazing shaves years off the look of your ceramic tile and tub porcelain. You can enjoy a like-new bath at an affordable price.

Long-Lasting Shower and Tub Refinishing in Memphis, TN

We use a durable, effective epoxy/enamel product that’s designed to last. We’re experts in this type of work. It’s one of our most popular services!

That means we’ve got a lot of experience and get a lot of practice in the art of making tubs and showers look brand new. We’ll transform your worn, cracked, rusty, or stained bathtub to a glossy, easy to clean surface that you’ll be proud to look at. No one will know your tub isn’t newly installed.

Modernize that Dated Tub

Do you have a pink bathroom? You’re not alone! Lots of homeowners wish they could simply change the color of their bathroom without changing anything else.

You don’t have to live with that pink bathtub anymore! Get rid of the color and revitalize the surface of your bathtub with tub reglazing.

Fast, Efficient, Tub or Shower Resurfacing

Why replace when you can reface?

A typical resurfacing project is quick! Times can vary, but in about one day, you can have a like-new bathtub, and save money at the same time.

Tub and shower resurfacing costs around a third of the cost of a shower or tub replacement. Work with the experts at Garza Bros Home Improvement for your tub and shower refinishing.